Neti Pot and Allergies - What You Need to Know to Get Relief NOW

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Published: 24th November 2011
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Utilizing neti pots for nasal irrigation is actually an age-old Hindu technique called Jala Neti that arose from cleansing rituals that were done before Yoga as a way to boost healthier breathing passages. By cleansing the nasal passages of surplus mucus together with other foreign bodies, the breathing techniques during yoga ended up clean and correct.

Much like in the past, neti pots are used for open breathing passages right before Yoga, even so, it has now developed to be a well-known technique across the globe to help ease allergy symptoms; not to mention defend against nasal irritation from infection.

How It Works

A neti pot is undoubtedly a straight forward structure that looks like a normal tea pot. Ranging in sizes that will store anywhere from 30ml to 500ml, they tend to be filled with a somewhat luke-warm saline solution or any other adequate nasal irrigation solution that can cleanse the nasal passages while avoiding discomfort. The short spout which extends from the neti pot is designed to rest snuggly into a single nostril to stop leaks and guide the liquid towards the other nostril. While the saline solution flows from one side into the other, it takes with it all of the unnecessary mucus and various other debris that might be trapped within the nasal pathways, preventing open airways.

How It Helps With Allergies

For individuals who are afflicted by hay fever and other allergies from dust and dander as well as other contaminants found in the air, the main problem is breathing in the allergens. Once inside the sinus pathways, the foreign particles affix themselves to the walls of the nasal region, making it difficult to breath as well as causing other responses such as watery eyes and sneezing. A neti pot is a superb tool to ease the severity of these kinds of allergies and to help limit future reactions.
By utilizing clean sea salt or chemical free salt for your saline solution, it not only eliminates the allergens within the sinuses, but also helps hydrate the encompassing tissue for combatting irritation and potential bacterial infections.

As effective as it is for adults, neti pots are often used for children who may have symptoms of allergies. Considering nasal irrigation just uses clean and safe saline solutions, they're totally safe and sound for kids, even so, one very important thing to not forget is to make sure to follow the process the right way as well as to make the procedure fun so your kids view it as a great experience.

Not Merely For Sinuses

While a majority assume that neti pots solely benefit the nose, it's also been observed that for a few, frequent and proper jala neti practices also benefit vision by means of cleansing the tear ducts as well as assisting with healthy ear secretions that will minimize infection. Ensuring that the neti pot is used correctly will help heal any facial discomfort instigated by pressure and since they are all connected, help maintain a healthy working system between your ears, nose, and eyes.

In order to help minimize allergy symptoms that can flare up and have an impact on day-to-day life, attempting nasal irrigation with a neti pot a minimum of once per week with a gentle saline solution won't only help that, but it's going to also increase overall health within the nasal region.

Finally, be sure to check out the web's #1 neti pot resource to learn even more about this amazingly effective and cheap nasal irrigation tool. While you're there you can learn how to avoid the common mistakes newbies make that can lead to neti pot danger.

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